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Web to Kindle

Convert and send any webpage to a PDF, sent directly to your Kindle Scribe - for free

How does it work?

Read, add notes and comment on any web page as a PDF



Join Doc Genie for free and install our Chrome extension (optional)



Find a web page you want to take with you on the Kindle Scribe



Use the extension or paste the URL into Doc Genie & convert it to PDF



It will be sent to your Kindle Scribe for you to read, add notes or doodle on as you need.

For Studying

no matter where you are, your web page will be available on your device.


In case the content is removed or changes.

Offline Reading

No need for internet connection once you have the PDF


Take your important documentation where ever you need it.

Web to PDF

Any web page to Kindle Scribe compatible PDF

With our web to PDF feature, available for all users, you can take important documents, new stories, diagrams, puzzles, drawings and more, with you no matter where you might be.

We have also developed a free Chrome extension, so you can save web pages while you are browsing online. no need ot log in to Doc Genie each time.

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