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Sync Cloud storage to your Kindle Scribe

automatically send documents from your Google Drive, One Drive & Dropbox to your Kindle Scribe on a schedule that suits you.

Cloud Storage

From Google Drive to Dropbox, you can select any cloud storage provider we support.


Choose any day and time for the contents to be sent to your Kindle Scribe.

Unique files

Choose to send every file, or only new ones. it's your call.

Work or Study

Make your Kindle Scribe work for you.

CLoud sync for Kindle Scribe

We are proud to be the only way to automatically send files from your chosen cloud storage provider, directly to your Kindle Scribe

With Cloud Sync, you can automatically send contents from your chosen folder, directly to your Kindle Scribe on a schedule chosen by you

This could be school work you store in your Google Drive, sent to you every Friday night, or a clients feedback automatically synced to your Kindle Scribe every day.

the freedom to be able to select a specific folder and a specific day and time means it can be used for anything.

The only way to sync your cloud

How does it work?



Join Doc Genie and connect your Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox account.



Select the folder you want to sync



Create the schedule that suits you, every day at 9AM or only Mondays, it is your choice.



Your compatible documents will be sent to your Kindle Scribe on your chosen day & time.

Ready to get started, join today and begin syncing your cloud storage immediately.

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