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Power up your Kindle Scribe with Doc Genie & share your notebooks for free

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Kindle Scribe to One Drive

You can send and receive files from your One Drive to your Kindle Scribe


Send notebooks 24/7 and have them arrive in your One Drive in seconds.


With encryption in transit and secure Oauth 2 - your details are kept safe & secure.

Cloud backup

Store your notebooks in the safety of the cloud


View previous uploads on your profile.

One Drive

Send notebooks to One Drive

With Doc Genie, you can save and share your notebooks directly from your Kindle Scribe to your One Drive

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Sync your One Drive to your Kindle Scribe on your schedule.

Brand new to Doc Genie, you can now sync a specific folder directly to your Kindle Scribe on a schedule that suits you, whether thats every day or once a week. its your choice.

  • Sync any folder in your One Drive
  • Create a schedule that suits your needs
  • Sync every file or just new ones.
  • Create a schedule for multiple folders.